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Comfortable apartamento

A good property manager can bring you a high occupancy, provide reliable bill-paying, screen your tenants, manage any maintenance, and deliver money to your bank account…while you can keep your distance and watch.

We know the type of property that rents best, the locations that are most sought-after, and the type of tenant that should be targeted.  
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Managing an income property is one of the best real estate investments you can make today. Our property management team will help you to realize the potential of your property, while making the experience as care-free as possible. 

Do you want to own your own rental property?

We offer great turnkey real estate investments that will provide you with an income stream in USD and/or COP with no hassle on your part.

Investment Opportunity

slim4vit precio reviews
Buy an apartment for which you will get full title in one of the most desired areas of Bogota and let us manage it for short term rentals. You will generate rental income and property appreciation.


  • Full turnkey solution: We furnish, manage, maintain and market the property and send you your returns each month or each quarter.
  • Excellent cash flow (Income Returns in USD or COP)
  • Property appreciation in COP (currency diversification)
  • Experienced property manager with years proven track record of success managing Turnkey units
  • Brand new apartment with no need for further investment in remodeling or upgrades
  • We offer our buy back guarantee. We are so confident that the property will perform well into the future that at any point in the investment cycle we can negotiate with you a buy-out.
  • You get full title of the unit in one of Bogota’s most desired locations
  • You can use the apartment as much (365 days) or as little (0 days) as you want
  • 24-hour security doorman

For more information contact us at turnkey@rentalscolombia.com

Artie flat with great space
Comfortable apartamento
Warm and comfy apartment 508